• Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes
    Side dishes

    Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes – mashed potatoes plus

    I’m sure once you try this roasted garlic mashed potato recipe you won’t be satisfied with plain mashed potatoes again. There’s no fixed recipe for mashed potatoes, it’s simply a method best described. My normal quantities for 2-4 people is as follows: 4-5 medium sized potatoes cut into quarters (or whatever is necessary to get approximately the same size pieces so they cook evenly) Cook the potatoes in salted water until quite tender (you can do this ahead of time if desired and leave the potatoes in the water removed from heat until you are ready to serve. Nobody likes cold mashed potatoes. Drain all the water from the pan and…

  • Roasted Garlic ready to use

    Roasted Garlic – soft and sweet Garlic flavor

    Roasted Garlic results in a soft, sweet and gentle Garlic flavor. Spread the roasted garlic on bread/toast or add to a variety of dishes for a delightful garlic touch without the normal intensity. Roasting garlic is a simple process and the results are amazing. The garlic becomes soft and sweet and quite mild while still retaining the garlic flavor. It takes just a bit of time in the oven and while it may seem using the oven for such a small item I usually do it while cooking something else (roasting a chicken, cooking a meatloaf, etc.) so the oven heat isn’t wasted. The individual cloves can be roasted in…

  • Tips - support plants with caps

    Tips – Keeping Plants from sitting in water in their Saucer

    Tips – when watering plants usually some water drains into the saucer and therefore the plant sits in it. This can sometimes be fatal. I have a lot of house plants and I work hard to take care of them properly. Of course they all need watering to varying degrees and it’s inevitable that some drains out and into the saucer I use to protect my furniture. And I have enough to take care of that taking them all outside to water them and then bring them back in is simply too much work. I tried using some river stones but it seems the plants always slide around a bit…

  • Tips - using a Bouquet Garni

    Tips – Bouquet Garni – tidy way to add herbs

    Tips – using a Bouquet Garni when cooking to make working with fresh herbs easier. I love cooking with fresh herbs and I recommend everyone have their own herb garden which I mentioned in another post. However when using fresh herbs it can be something of a burden removing leaves from stems and other preparations. And throwing stems and all into your dish leaves you fishing out your stems and bits later (and it seems I always miss one and serve someone a nice thyme stem). The answer is a Bouquet Garni. Simply take your herbs and tie them together with some cook-safe string or twine and add them to your…

  • Tips - growing your own herbs

    Tips – Growing your own Herbs. Well worth the effort

    Tips – Grow your own Herbs and enjoy the richer flavor anytime Growing your own herbs is easy and satisfying. Most herbs do quite nicely in containers and can be kept insider or outside as long as they receive enough light (almost all herbs require at least 4 hours of direct sun per day). I grow parsley, thyme, rosemary and bay leaf since those are the principal ones I use in my cooking. Thyme, rosemary and bay leaf are perennials, parsley is biannual so will need to be replaced every couple years. Don’t be tempted to grab a mature plant at the grocery store if they are available – they…

  • Tips - Skinless Chicken

    Tips – Skinless Chicken. Save yourself money

    Tips – how to save money with Skinless Chicken If your preference or health choices require you to use skinless chicken then next time you are at the store compare the price of chicken with the skin on and with the skin removed. I think you will be surprised. I save anywhere from 50-75 cents per kilo if I remove the skin myself which takes some 5 seconds per breast for example. The small effort is well worth it.

  • Tips - streak free Mirrors and Glass

    Tips – Streak free Mirrors & Glass, actually not hard

    Tips – our recommendation for streak free Mirrors and Glass For perfect streak-free mirrors and glass, clean as you normally would but then finish with a fine mist of water and polish with a chamois drying cloth (readily available in automotive shops for drying cars) and you’ll be amazed at the results. This method is also useful on any shiny or clear surface (I polish my stone benchtop with it and it reflects like a mirror).

  • Tips - Storage Space

    Tips – Maximize Storage Space in the kitchen & pantry

    Tips – ways you can maximize storage space To maximize storage space and keep small items such as seasoning/instant soup packets organized use containers on your pantry shelves. The rotating turn tables shown in the picture are great for misc jars and packages that don’t stack well. Remove grains from original packaging and place in tightly sealing jars (old coffee jars are great) to keep them fresh and remember to cut the original package labels and cooking instructions and place in the jars to both help remind of the contents and preparation methods. And an  office labeler goes a long way to identify contents that appear similar.

  • Tips - Storing Stock in containers

    Tips – Storing Stock so you’ll always have some handy

    Tips – Storing Stock After refrigerating until cool store stock in assorted container sizes and place in the freezer where they will be good for 6 months. Remember to leave a little head space because liquids expand when they freeze.  This also works for soups, stews, etc. Make sure to label the containers with the current date. In most cases they will be good for 6 months.  

  • Tips - Storing Celery

    Tips – Best way to store Celery to make it last

    Tips – Best way to store Celery Store celery in aluminum foil and in the refrigerator. It will stay fresh much longer – plastic traps gases that encourages the celery to decompose. Don’t trim off the leaves – they add a nice flavor to stocks and soups

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